About Us

Who we are

METRC is a virtual lab, specialising in soft nanotechnology research and applying this to industry. We pool expertise from leading research centres at universities across the North of England to help you develop innovative new products and processes. We are the "R" to your "D".


Our university partners include the universities of: Bolton, Bradford, Durham, Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Newcastle, Salford, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam and York.

What is Soft Nanotechnology?

This is the science and engineering of soft materials. Examples of our soft materials expertise include polymers, organic materials and liquid crystals. Soft nanotechnology underpins a wealth of existing and new products - from soap to solar cells. Our business is in the science of everyday things.

Our market focus

We apply our research strengths to markets that include home and personal care, medicine and healthcare and energy.

What we can do for you?

We make it easy for you to work with universities.

We can help you to:

How we do this

We have a dedicated Knowledge Transfer Team who are here to help you. We can help set up collaborative projects for you with our university partners and assemble multidisciplinary teams with the right skills and experience to help you. They are also able to assist with funding projects and project management.