Public Engagement

Prof Tony Ryan OBE, together with Prof Richard Jones FRS have produced a series of videos explaining nanotechnology and it's applications under an EPSRC 'Partnerships for Public Engagement' scheme. For more information on nanotechnology and a journey into the nanoworld please visit Nanofolio - the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield Nanotechnology Education Portfolio.


iPod shows how an understanding of nano-scale processes enables modern magnetic hard drives to pack more songs into a smaller package!

In running shoe, mixing polymer molecules with different properties allows us to make shoes that retain their 'bounce'.

Drug delivery asks how an understanding of nanotechnology might help target drugs to the tissues where they can be most effective.

Solar energy explains why exploiting the sun's energy requires new, low cost photovoltaic materials.

Video source - EPSRC Nanotechnology Image Library at Nanofolio