How to Write a CV to be a Tutor

Writing a successful CV to be a tutor

Working as a tutor can be incredibly rewarding and a dream career for many. But without the right CV, it can be difficult to land jobs and gather a large base of customers.

Paired with good advertising of your services, a great CV will be key to you getting regular students and income. If your CV is rushed, and not detailed, then many parents will not trust you to deliver informative and well-thought out lessons to their children

Look at examples of tutor CVs

One of the best ways to write a compelling and successful tutor CV is to look at some examples. This can give you some ideas of good sections to include and the industry standard.

Live Career have a great array of CVs from tutors who have specialised in English, nursing and SAT teaching. Each one has specific differences and have been tailored to their job role.

Sections to include in your CV

Start your CV with some basics like name, address and contact details. Then you can go onto the more interesting parts, the sections that will help you to stand out to your potential customers.

Personal profile

Use this space to tell your potential employers a bit about you. It just needs to be a short paragraph and can outline your most relevant previous experience and skills.

You should be looking to reel them in, want to know more about you and be interested in how you would be able to help them.

Core skills

The next nn should highlight your personal strengths. You can do this by including 10-15 bullet points of areas you consider to be your expertise. This means they are easy to read and stand out to those who are looking at your CV.

Employment history

This is similar to many of the CVs you may have written before. You need to simply list your previous employment in order of date. For the two most recent positions you should add some information about your responsibilities there and what you achieved, this could be in terms of student success or your own advances.

Education and relevant qualifications

This is the area where you can truly show your customers how knowledgeable you are in your chosen field. Parents will be looking for a degree or other further education relating to the area you will be teaching.

This is also a good place to highlight any other relevant skills such as other languages spoken and other strengths that will help you in your role.

Formatting your CV

After you have all of the information you want to include, you need to think about how you are going to format your CV. Ideally, you will keep it to one page while still not making it look cluttered.

When people look at your CV, you want them to be confident in your ability as a tutor and be able to easily navigate your expertise. Writing and formatting a CV to be a tutor doesn’t have to be daunting, just include your strengths and let them do the talking.